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In this web site you will find variety of products introduced as future technologies, originated from understanding of valid market needs. They are disruptive that takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market. We are turning bright ideas in to realities. This web site is an incubator for developing business ideas from their incubator stage until they mature as commercially applicable products. Most of these innovative technologies and product developments are easy to achieve in most competitive fields, where investors and entrepreneurs able gain steady return from a limited capital of investment. Our vision also involves building partnership with ongoing businesses willing to expand their horizon with these innovative products. We develop and improve each technology to meet entrepreneur requirements. With this web link the innovator believes, entrepreneurs would be able to identify the opportunities they are interested in.

Discover how many real cool business ideas are presented here that you should know of.

Also we deliver simple and powerful technology solutions to meet your specific requirement. Our unique selling point (USP) is that all the products are protected by patents. We invite investors to collaborate with us even at patent filing stage.

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Show case of technologies introduced in this web site :

Wheel with outer rim: New tire technology - ORIM

New tire technology

Future tire will be puncture free! Saving materials 85%!! You don't have to replace the tire for life time. Only the tread strips require replacement!! Innovative tire technology for your future consideration, with little investment, to earn by protecting your environment . Click here for details



Automated Car Park using inclined conveyance

In this Multi storied car park car is carried along inclined rail track to parking floor.Automated parking method in a multi storied building using an inclined hoist way, elevator is driven along rails, carrying the automobile by means of over head traction to desired parking floor. This type of multi-storied car park is applicable as a parking garage for auto mobiles as well as a car storage for a show room. Similarly this method is applicable to elevate the cars to residence at high rise apartments & to shopping malls in multi storied buildings. This technology is available for joint ventures or licensing. Automated car park


Off Road rider- The walking machine

walking machine in combination of carriage, and a mobile bridge driven alternatively by a cable system

An off road vehicle designed to travel over difficult terrain. The machine in combination of a carriage and bridge driven alternatively by a cable system. This technology is available for joint ventures or licensing.


Internal Combustion engine with oscillating shaft

Modern internal combustion engine concept - oe.gif (16969 bytes)Internal Combustion Development

"Enginewos", is the Internal combustion engine with oscillating shaft introducing an innovative technology to substitute crank gear with oscillating shaft. Its high performance mechanism eliminates the problems met with crank gear, typically the internal resistance and claiming higher efficiency, higher power, lighter weight, least starting effort, fuel saving in idle running, and miniature starting power source. These conditions lead to most essential requirements of an ideal internal combustion engine and special demands that cannot meet with a conventional power generator.

"Enginewos" internal combustion engine generates 1.55 times higher power, compared to conventional arrangement of I.C. engine.

"Enginewos" is minimizing internal resistance to boost power and efficiency. It defines a technology to save fuel by more than 40%, confirming with results. The idea of creating oscillator engine is to find a method of transfer gas pressure force into driving force virtually without any loss: This technology is available for joint ventures or licensing.

For water purification and waste water filtration

Inverted Flow Filter is better in performance compared to gravity sand filters. This design including water purification plant is freely distributed. Request for details.

Wave Power Generator - Hydro kinetic

Unidirectional gear converts bi-directional motion of a shaft in to unidirectional motion of another shaft. This feature is applicable in power generation incorporating an offshore marine platform. Wave power is harnessing with a floating buoyant moored with straight rods that can slide along fixed guides and floated over the surface of the ocean waves. Due to rise and fall of ocean waves the floating body along with attached rods is sliding up and Wave power generationdown along fixed guides to generate oscillation on input shaft of uni-directional gear drive, thereby turning into continues rotary motion applicable in power generation. This product is available for partnership and distribution.

Other Technologies at Development Stage:

Focus on Energy efficient Designs

lj logoLJ Industries SL is maintaining a strong commitment to research, development and innovations. We are in service of improving energy efficiency, finding solutions to environmental impact on industrialization. Products presented in this web site are in the hope of receiving a good faith review. We have created win-win condition in all of our activities.

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