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LJ Industries is a sole proprietor business, located its main office in Sri Lanka.

Our business objectives are long term sustenance and healthy existence, rather than looking for profit.

We are in the process of turning bright ideas in to realities. In this website you will find many innovative technologies and product developments in most competitive fields, where investors and entrepreneurs can gain steady return from a limited capital of investment. Our vision also involve building a partnership with ongoing business willing to expand its horizon to innovative. These future technologies are looking for a market and the ideas are originated from understanding of valid market needs.

With this web link the innovator believes, entrepreneurs  would be able to  identify the opportunities and market trends of new technologies they are interested in. We want to expand our business through collaboration.Our vision on money and economy prevents collapsing  business.

Please contact for further details lj

     E-mail :        leel6391@yahoo.com

     Designer :    Leelananda   Jayasuriya      Mobile :  094 11 2915390

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For more information contact  :   Leelananda Jayasuriya   (leel6391@yahoo.com )   Phone : 0094 112915390

Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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