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Environmental pollution and Clean energy

Due to various reasons such as population growth, industrialization, unplanned urbanization etc there will be problems such as traffic congestion, disposal of environmental hazard wastes, water shortages, air, water and noise pollutions.

For the sustenance of environment we have to use energy harvesting methods without damaging the resources so that the effect on environment will be minimal.

All living organisms, such as plants, animals and human beings, as well as the nature are part of environment. All these members of the environment are dependent upon each other and maintain a balance in nature. But we, the human population is trying to modify the environment to fulfill our needs; therefore it is our responsibility to take necessary steps to control the environmental imbalances.

Find more details of alternative power resources

Main alternative power resorces are wind, ocean waves, solar power and hydro power.

Wind power

A wind turbine require a large bare land over which the propeller to be mounted on a tower. To make a wind turbine effective 10 times the distrance from gound to turbine blade lower end should free from obstacles. To make a wind mill environmental friendly the land should be at least a meadow. Anyway a large number of turbines with lengthy propellers will cause aesthetic appearance unpleasant. Wind farms can also kill birds and other endangered species through collisions with turbines, and cause them loss of habitat. Flying birds get stuck with blades and everyday you will find lot of birds dead around the wind mill.

Wave power

Wave power is enormous when we consider the space on earth occupied by the ocean. All energy is finally converted to ocean waves and available to harness. Relating to ocean energy plants there can be an environmental problem coming when a wave power generator is standing visible in ocean or sea shore. Our attempt are further carried to design wave power generator submersible , so that aesthetic effect is minimal.

Hydro power

When constructing hydroelectric power plants, a number of factors should be considered related to the environment and natural ecosystem of the land and water.

Solar power

There should be a space available for direct exposure of the sun light to install solar panels.


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