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Multi storied car park designs using inclined conveyance

Lifting an automobile consume lot of energy. So that incline path is used in these designs to get the advantage of pulling. Car  is loaded in to the trolleycarriage.jpg (42901 bytes)

There are three types of inclined conveyor car parks.

1. In type 1, the cable passes over traction pulley in the upper station and carries the counter weight hanged on another pulley and returns the cable end to the stationary grip at a higher level. The counterweight located in a vertical hoist-way and rides a separate rail system. So that, the counter weight travels in opposite direction at half the of speed elevator,( which is travelling along the inclined track). As the platform goes up, the counterweight goes down, and vice versa.


elevated_carparking1.jpg (252577 bytes)

2. In other type elevator trolleys and counter weight are travelling on two sets of paralel inclined rail tracts. Two cable systems wound on traction pulleys are driven on opposite directions, by traction motor. So that while the trolley loaded with automobile is descending the counter weight is de ascending along the parrel inclined track. When the traction motor turns, the cable set belong to ascending  trolley is winding on shieve while the cable set belong to descending counter weight  is unwinding on the associated shieve and vice versa. We find this design is the most versetile for construction and operation.

If the parking system intended to load automobiles without the driver inside the parking automobile, then an specially design pallet truck is iused to load at the receiving station and the car loaded on pallet truck brought on car lifting trolley and lifted to designated parking lot. The car is unloaded at the parking and the pallet truck is used for transport another another car.

With inclined conveyance you are getting the advantage of pulling over lifting!Car park traction motor

Image5.gif (96512 bytes)

twintype.jpg (86960 bytes)

Visit twin inclined conveyance to read more. PatentsGranted in Sri Lanka 15086

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