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Wheel with outer tire

The latest tire development ( SL Patents App.490435)

The new technology of wheel is an assembly in combination of a rim, inflatable inner tire and a protective outer tire. The outer tire is having a tread profile and it is fitted snugly over the inflatable inner tire and it's two shoulders on outer edges are fastened to the rim circumference by plurality of flexible linkages with tensioners at equal intervals symmetrically.

Outer tire

Wheel with outer tire

The outer tire keeps the vehicle in contact with the road surface and protects the inner tire from damage and wear during propulsion and rest. The outer tire comprises the treads profile, narrow carcass, and two beads on both shoulders with minimized side walls. On shoulders, within the tread edge there provided provisions to hold spring loaded tensioners connected to the rim of the wheel. According to new technology, the wheel is produced with the inner tire and the outer tire.

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