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    Audio Amplifier as a hearing aid

    Wearable Technology

    It is always convenient to hear within a safe distance from ears than keeping a piece of bud inside ears.

    If we are confronted with environmental noises and disturbances while someone talking to us, we cannot hear it properly. If the speech is not loud enough or if the listener is far away from the orator also, we will not be able to hear it with natural ability of ears. Furthermore, many people encounter with some sort of deafness or weakness to certain frequency ranges. purpose of this project is to introduce a new wearable device that will boost sound with a wearable audio amplifier accompanied with an audio speaker system attached to dress or attached to the body of the listener.

    This is a personal sound amplifier wearable close to ears that can be placed within the hearing range, instead of inserting an ear piece. Therefore it can be attached to the listener’s dress or wear as an accessory using a belt or any other means.

    Wearable Audio amplifier for hearing aid

    Operation of this device is not a disturbance to others, because others around the wearer also listening the same sound.

    Our Wearable hearing aid Price in Sri Lanka

    We sell this hearing aide Wearable at Rs.4,500/=
    This is with a rechargeable battery continuesly working for 6 Hrs.

    Please contact Leel Jayasuriya 077 2236621 or email :

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    Address: 388, Kandy Road, Kelaniya


    wearable audio amplifier

    Jacket to hold wearabel audio divice

    The idea of introducing this device is to facilitate a wearable device with audio speakers or an audio speaker that will boost the sound for personal attention of the listener.
    The same device may be used for other applications, such as listening to distant sounds, security and surveillance. This may be done with an external microphone accompanied to the same device with a receptor which is parabolic or tubular. The device may be altered as a product to facilitate with head phones or ear piece as well.

    When you order the hearing aid please clearly mention whether you want analog or digital hearing aid. These hearing aids essentially amplify all sound. But it filters noise and unwanted loudness and deliver smooth sound.
    The Digital hearing aids convert sound waves into numerical codes, before amplifying. The code also includes sound pitch (the loudness) and it is controlled and turned to a suitable level. Also it can control required frequency range that the wearer want to listen.

    For more information contact : Leelananda Jayasuriya

    Last edited : On 7th October 2010  by Leelananda Jayasuriya.