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Generating thrust to propel vehicles on ground, rails, in water, in sky and in outer space


The major application of propulsion is for transportation of people and goods on land, sea, air, undersea, and into space. Propulsion systems are those that are required to propel the vehicles to which they are attached.
The ideal requirement of a vehicle should be, the ability to move about anywhere without the support of the medium through which it travel. Rocket propulsion is such solution, but it ejects a massive quantity of propellants it carries with.
The majority of propulsion systems in use today rely either on exerting forces against the surface over which they travel; otherwise ejects propellant in opposite to the direction it travels in the form of exhaust of fuel carried by the vehicle.
Vehicles traveling over a surface exert forces against the surface they travel. In automobiles the wheels, powered by the engine pushes against the road or the rails through friction. The most common energy source on ground is to carry a chemical fuel aboard and making it react with the oxidizer in the environment.
The jet propulsion systems can be classified as air-breathing jet propulsion systems and non-air-breathing jet propulsion systems or rocket propulsion systems.
The internal combustion piston engines propel automobiles, ships, locomotives, whereas some aircrafts. Jet propulsion system employs nozzles to accelerate the fluid streams.

Energy needed for propulsion may come from an external source such as fossil fuel, from environment like solar radiation, from an external link like powered rail or from storage of onboard batteries.
In summary propulsion requires a force to cause motion with a second system being pushed backwards. Without a second system to be pushed backwards, propulsion is not possible despite how much energy is available; and, without energy expenditure, propulsion is not possible either.

Propulsion is the generation of force by any combination of pushing or pulling to modify the translational motion of an object..
The new invention is introducing a method and device to generate thrust for propagation. It has particular utility in the propulsion of space vehicles







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