Environmental pollution and Clean energy

Cause for acid rains and "smog", effects adversely to life of man and other living beings including plants on earth. The biggest contributor to environmental pollution is the emission of industries and thermal power plants. Also automobiles contribute to environmental pollution by 16-18%.

Diesel engines are considered as cleaner than petrol engines.

In engines, exhaust gasses consists of mainly

  • Carbon monoxide……… 0.85%

  • Hydrocarbons ……… 0.05%

  • Oxides of Nitrogen… 0.08%

  • Solids & soot…………. 0.005%

Engine pollutant emission greatly depend on the air-fuel ratio

          Modern engines use electronic sensors to monitor the variable factors of airflow rate, throttle valve position, engine speed, engine temperature etc. Today’s’ engines also incorporate catalytic converters in the exhaust system to convert CO, HC and Nox gasses to harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

 IC engine with oscillating shaft  (Enginewos) reduces emmission due to it's capability of deriving higher power for lesser fuel comsumption. So that Enginewos contributes to lessen the emission in order to prevent environmental pollution

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Wind power

Wind power mills

Wave power

. Wave power is enormous

Hydro power

hydroelectric power plants .

Solar power

direct exposure of the sun light